Health, beauty and household goods distributor DCS Europe is providing Sainsbury with the IT clout that enabled it to resolve its own performance problems.
DCS, number 27 in The Grocer’s Big 30 UK wholesalers, said that it had overcome poor supply with IT developed by its wholly owned software company Enable Software.
The software has proved so effective that DCS has been approached by Sainsbury as the multiple looks to tackle its own IT and availability issues.
Sainsbury said in October it was ending its multi-billion pound IT outsourcing deal with Accenture in order to transfer these services back in-house.
Through Enable, DCS has provided Sainsbury with performance management software for use in its stores and warehouses. Denys Shortt, chairman of DCS, said that while it was not providing the same all-round IT package as Accenture, Enable’s package was cutting edge in this area.
During November DCS received 82.2% of the products ordered from its suppliers. The worst-performing supplier provided 54% availability.
Shortt said that the majority of suppliers delivered around 80% with only a handful above 90%, a performance that was obviously losing them sales.
Despite this, DCS had kept up its own service level of 98.72% to its customers.
Meanwhile, DCS has compiled a list of the top 40 household brands in order to help independents understand the category better.
Ronan Hegarty