The name Dealz could result in a brand new model, says James Halliwell

Poundland celebrated its 21st birthday this year and it has never looked better.

Despite challenging times, or perhaps because of them, Poundland’s model is working a treat under the expert guidance of ex-Sainsbury’s MD Jim McCarthy.

Originally operating as a remainder business, Poundland now deals directly with manufacturers including Procter & Gamble, which has started shaping shampoo bottles to fit the retailer’s round pound price tag.

Even Shakespeare has been given a boost, after thousands of King Lear DVDs flew off the shelves. Now Poundland will start its foray into Europe by opening four stores in the Republic of Ireland under a new moniker, Dealz.

Putting the use of that ‘z’ aside, the name Dealz means the new stores will not be tied to a fixed price which could result in a brand new model. Or maybe McCarthy will lop another triangle off a Toblerone and price everything at a single shiny euro? All will be revealed when the new stores open their doors in October.

Either way, it looks like a winner.