Our stores carry a good range and it's an important category, but small in relation to the rest of grocery. Growth is coming predominantly from the premium sector, while most other areas are static or declining. This is because lifestyles are changing and consumers are abandoning traditional breakfast toast and jam in the morning in favour of cereal bars. At the same time there hasn't been much innovation, except at the premium end from the likes of Robertson's with Absofruitly and Bonne Maman which has done a lot to raise the awareness of premium jam. We've introduced Absofruitly but it's too early to say how it's doing in our stores. Apart from that we haven't introduced any other new line. We are not increasing our shelf space for premium jam because it's not a big sector for us as we're independents. But we are reviewing the category at the moment in the light of premium's growth. We list the main brands and in own label do four jams and two marmalades which work well for us. Best-sellers are the classic flavours: raspberry, raspberry seedless and strawberry. We do regular promotions, such as extra-free on peanut butter, in all sectors and they are useful in helping to grow an otherwise static category. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}