Nelson Mandela Towers never had nuffink like this! The store at the bottom of the tower block that achieved fame as home to Del-Boy in Only Fools and Horses has undergone a £150,000 refit. Spar retailers John and Eddy Glennon have built a state of the art shop complete with food to go, fresh bread, ATM and off licence. Somewhat confusingly, we discover the store and tower block are not in Peckham but in Barton Hill, Bristol. And in another equally bizarre twist, we hear the store is being run by Martin O'Neill. We understand this is not Martin O'Neill the former Leicester City manager and new coach of Celtic, but instead a franchisee who has worked for Spar in Ireland for the past decade. Never mind, let's hope he and the Glennons achieve what the Trotters did eventually ­ and become millionaires. {{COUNTERPOINT }}