Tesco in Forge Island, south Yorkshire, has scooped our Top Store award this week with a faultless performance.

As well as providing a full basket, the store was clean and tidy and had clear overhead signs, so our shopper had no problems finding her way around the store. She said the store was well-merchandised and she could easily find products.

Although some shelf-stackers were working in the aisles, there was enough space for her to move around. She was also impressed with the level of service she received and when she asked for assistance, staff took her directly to the items she asked for.

All 16 checkouts were open so she did not have to queue to pay. The checkout assistant greeted our shopper and offered to help her pack the goods.

Her receipt was error-free and she described her shopping experience as "pleasant".

Data from CACI indicates that Tesco is the fourth most-suited retailer to the local demographic, behind Asda, which is the most suited to the area, with 48% of residents coming under the hard-pressed category.

Duty manager Julie Hardwick has worked at Tesco for 23 years and has been a duty manager at the 32,000 sq ft Forge Island store for 15 years.

"We all work as a team here and there's good support," she said. "That's what makes it work."