Online retailer Ocado has announced it is offering loyal customers a discounted deal on its Delivery Pass and making a concerted push into office catering.

Selected regular customers have been emailed an exclusive offer inviting them to sign up to a new £3.99-a-month flat fee for as many deliveries as they want as long as they spend a minimum £40 per order.

That compares with £9.99-a-month for Delivery Pass, which is available to all other customers. Customers who are not members pay £2.99-£6.99 per delivery, depending on day and time chosen.

The online retailer has also emailed customers to flag up a new office delivery service from its new Food on the Move range, which includes sandwiches, salads, soup and sushi.

'Lunch at Your Place?' is aimed at catering for business lunches, client meetings and staff gatherings.