Food delivery service Hello Fresh has outlined its “data-driven” recipe for success, with co-founder Patrick Drake saying food companies can “influence people’s lives in a positive way”.

Hello Fresh develops recipes and then delivers a box of all the necessary ingredients to the customer’s door. Prices start at £4 per meal.

“We have feedback on every single one of the 450 recipes that I’ve cooked so far,” Drake told The Grocer (above) after it won Specialist Online Retailer of the Year at The Grocer Gold Awards. “We have really detailed analysis scores so we can actually predict now what our customers will like at certain times of the year.

“So whilst we’re a very touchy-feely company, actually it’s all very data driven. There’s almost a formula – as far as you can have a formula for something as intricate and personal as food.”

Speaking about the company’s health agenda, Drake said: “It means a lot to me to be doing what we’re doing. The fact that we can have a positive influence on the way people eat and therefore their wellbeing and their health is something that goes way, way beyond just financial reward.”

Referring to the award win, Drake added: “It’s not often that I am actually speechless!”

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