A snapshot survey of supermarket parking facilities for disabled people has revealed widespread unchecked abuse by customers. The Baywatch' survey was carried out by the British Polio Fellowship and involved 15 Asda stores, 12 Safeway supermarkets, 18 Sainsbury stores and 28 Tesco stores. Questions to duty managers revealed a lack of effective policies for policing bays. When questioned about Disabled Link Up, a scheme launched by the supermarkets to improve parking facilities, nine of the Sainsbury managers were unaware of the scheme, six at Safeway said they had not heard of it, 12 managers at Asda pleaded ignorance as did 19 at Tesco. A spokesman for Sainsbury said the special requirements were difficult to enforce. The company has reminder stickers which can be placed on offending cars, but disabled people do not always display their badges, or they arrive in a friend's vehicle. "We are always looking for ways to resolve the problem and are working with a variety of organisations to help improve things," he added. A spokesman for Safeway said its staff did try to remind customers not to park in bays for the disabled. However, it was open to suggestions for a solution to the abuse. {{NEWS }}