Discount UK launches world's first £1 e-cig

Discount UK is selling the disposable Ezi-cig for £1

Poundworld’s Discount UK fascia has launched what it claims is the world’s first disposable e-cigarette for £1.

Branded Ezi-cig, it went on sale this week at Discount UK’s 40 plus stores, priced at £1.

Expecting huge demand for the e-cigarette, Discount UK is initially limiting purchases to 12 per customer. It will be stocked behind the stores’ checkouts and available to over-18s.

“We’ve been working on this product for over two years and after much research and development, we are so excited to be able to bring it to the market for the incredible price of £1,” said trading director Chris Edwards Junior.

The retailer is marketing the product as an affordable option for smokers wanting to kick the habit.

Each e-cigarette comes in a high (12mg) or medium (8mg) nicotine dosage and gives 220 puffs - roughly equivalent to a pack of 20 cigarettes. It is £5 cheaper than Tesco’s least expensive e-cigarette.

Discount UK is also selling a rechargeable version of the product with 10 cartridges for £4.99. Ezi-cig will also be available in 180 Poundworld stores next week.Discount UK launches ‘world’s first’ electronic cigarette for £1