Sir, This month Morrisons joined the 'apps race'. My concern is that some businesses are going down the apps route when it's not always the best option jumping on the bandwagon apps for apps' sake.

Among retailers, John Lewis has bucked the trend. Rather than creating an app in the way Top Shop and Argos have, the department store launched a fully mobile-optimised transactional site in October in response to changing shopper behaviour. The justification behind the creation of a mobile site rather than an app for Christmas is that, while a mobile site can be accessed from any internet-enabled mobile, the ability to download and use an app is dependent on the functionality and operating system of the user's phone. Mobile internet is still handset or platform agnostic and can be accessed in an instant.

While apps will continue to grow in popularity. I would urge retailers and marketers to remain open minded apps are just one of a number of available tools that allow companies to interact with consumers on the move.

Marcus Dacombe, marketer, Verridia