The National Farmers' Union is working with Tesco on a realistic price structure for British produced organic food. NFU organic committee chairman Oliver Dowding said: "Tesco prefers to source in Britain for greater control over the supply chain, but it has a journey to make on organic pricing." He added: "Tesco is keen to see prices come down and the NFU is pointing out how far it can go before it reaches the point where producers cannot cover their costs." Tesco has set a target of growing organic sales to £1bn by 2006 and has appointed an organic group to work with the NFU towards that goal. The group is looking at ways in which British farmers and growers can supply fresh meat and produce which Tesco currently imports. Discussions are focusing on the supply chain and how British organic farmers can address quality, availability and price issues on organics. Simon Wright, founder of the Organic Consultancy, said: "I am amazed the NFU should cite Tesco as an example of good practice when Sainsbury, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose have all shown greater commitment to sourcing organic food from British farmers." {{NEWS }}