Drinks retailers in south London will soon face new competition from online firm Lastorders.com ­ which has tied up with Booker Cash & Carry. Lastorders is relocating its central warehouse ­ which currently fulfils national next day distribution ­ to Booker's Wimbledon branch, from where it will launch a same day delivery service. The service ­ where shoppers ordering by 6pm receive goods by 9pm ­ was tested in London SW11, 15 and 18 postal districts, and can be accessed by all net users in those areas from October 2. Lastorders' trading director Chris Miller said he expected the SW4, 6 and 10 postal districts to enter the scheme by November. Initially Lastorders will restrict its inventory to champagnes, wines and spirits, available by the bottle, plus beer and soft drinks sold by the case. Crisps, snacks and confectionery will soon be bolted on to be sold in multipack form and Miller didn't rule out packaged grocery if the demand was there. Consumers will be charged £3.99 for most orders. Lastorders' longer term plan is to use Booker's major conurbation depots to gain national distribution. Booker marketing director Steven Sharp denied the tie up would bring the wholesaler into conflict with its retail customers. "We have a million sq ft of spare capacity and the Lastorders concept is a good fit. It is an independent business which, in the main, will be using its own stock," said Sharp. {{NEWS }}