Thresher Group has joined Nisa-Today’s in a bid to boost its buying power and participate in joint purchasing activities through the buying group’s online auction platform.
Thresher has already achieved significant savings by running e-auctions on its own, but could achieve far more by pooling its requirements with Nisa-Today’s, according to supply chain and buying director Stuart Higgins.
“We’ve already auctioned some own brand spirits and scotches plus things like maintenance contracts, carrier bags and tissue paper,” he said. “In placing our future business requirements with Nisa-Today’s, we are confident that we can build significantly upon our successes to date.”
The management and implementation of Thresher’s e-sourcing events will be placed with Nisa-Today’s auctions team from now on.
Thresher Group would participate in bespoke and joint procurement exercises, Higgins added. “First of all we want to get leverage on e-auctions, but longer term we’ll look at the potential of Nisa membership in other areas.”