Julian Hunt
Factory gate pricing has been put at the top of the agenda by the new co-chairs of the ECR UK group who hope to breathe new life into the Efficient Consumer Response movement.
Mark Aylwin, Safeway's supply operations director, and Chris Poole, logistics director for P&G in the UK and Eire, said the group could provide leadership in the debate about the industry's hottest topic.
Aylwin said: "Factory gate pricing is a taboo subject between retailers and suppliers and that's because it's a misunderstood subject. Barriers are going up without people thinking is there a benefit here?"
Poole added: "The ECR group is the ideal place to provide leadership for that. We can draw on a wide range of experiences to draw up a framework which is not about what's right or wrong for a retailer or a supplier but about how to navigate through some of the thorny issues. This is all classic ECR stuff."
In a wide-ranging interview in this week's magazine, the two men also explain how the ECR UK group plans to take a leading role in other key supply chain issues ­ notably the need to develop packaging that is much more supply chain friendly, and the whole area of how best to improve on-shelf availability.
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