A new team of commissioners has been appointed to guide the MLC further down the path of devolution. The 11-strong team, which includes Safeway's Kevin Hawkins, replaces the original 15 commissioners. It is tasked with overseeing the final changes of devolution which will see responsibility for lamb and beef divided between England, Scotland and Wales by April 1 2003. The changes coincide with the resignation of MLC director general Gwyn Howells. He said: "I have concluded it's time to move on. The MLC will be a different organisation from the one I was appointed to run." He is replaced in the short term by acting DG Kevin Roberts. Devolution will see spending power and responsibility divided between the three countries, although the British Pig Executive will remain in place. The MLC will act as an over-arching body with national responsibility for issues like levy collection. Roberts said the move would mean the organisation would be closer to the individual markets and levy payers, but they would still all work together. The chairman for the English body, the English Beef and Lamb Executive, EBLEX, will be John Cross, while the chairman of Quality Meat Scotland is Neil Kilpatrick. A Welsh chairman has yet to be announced. {{NEWS }}