Gifts for Mother's Day dominated last week, with retailers offering a multitude of tinned and boxed chocolates, flowers and fizz.

Baking brand Supercook had special Mother's Day kits on offer to encourage children to bake some hand-crafted delights for the special lady in their lives and several retailers were promoting a number of DVD film releases as suitable gifts.

However, the choice of boxed chocolates is being replaced with vast shelf and floor space being allocated to stacking a colourful array of novelty Easter eggs. Cadbury, Nestlé and Mars lead with their well-known confectionery variants. While not making it into the top ten brand chart, Swiss confectioner Lindt has significant feature space activity in support of its arrival into the UK gift egg category.

Aunt Bessie's is regaining promotional momentum with buy-one-get-one-free offers on its ready prepared batter variants and vegetables, while Guinness and Beck's are prevalent in the beers, wines and spirits aisles.