An internal recruitment drive is under way at Safeway, as the multiple looks to boost staffing in its supermarkets business in the south-east. A spokeswoman said: "There's a push to improve the performance of our supermarkets, particularly in the south-east. So we are working to get experienced store managers, controllers and area managers down to the area." Insiders say the novel scheme will help Safeway overcome a skills shortage in some stores. The company's spokeswoman said: "It is difficult to recruit people in the supermarkets bit of our operation in the south-east because there is so much competition for staff. And when we do have a good store manager they are often poached to work in one of the bigger stores operated by Sainsbury or Tesco." An email has been sent round round to all Safeway staff offering financial benefits ­ including salary incentives and allowances for accommodation ­ for those who move south. Moves can be either permanent or for periods of between three and 12 months. And about 30 people are said to have taken up the offer. The spokeswoman added: "We try to bring people on and this is a good stepping stone to promotion for store managers looking to become area managers or controllers looking to increase their experience." A key requirement for those moving south is existing staff training. {{NEWS }}