Highlands favourite haggis is proving such a hit with shoppers in England that Sainsbury has decided to list it year-round throughout its stores south of the border.
The retailer already lists haggis full-time in Scotland, but in England had previously sold the product only around festivals such as Burns Night and St Andrew's Day.
After pestering the retailer for wider availability, Sainsbury's growing army of haggis-loving English customers will be able to buy butcher Simon Howie's haggis at any time.
Buyer Guy Hooper said: "Customers have told us that they want to be given the opportunity to buy haggis 52 weeks a year and, responding to their requests, we are now trialling its sales in England." Perthshire-based Simon Howie said it had boosted sales by giving haggis a makeover for the modern era.
MD Simon Howie said: "We've seen a tenfold growth in haggis sales in four years. That's a tribute to the flair and imagination of our team, which has turned a once-traditional, seasonal product into the basis of a range of adaptable meals.
"New-style packaging and consumer-friendly detail have all contributed to the impressive achievements of our products."
Simon Howie has also won a full-time listing in Morrisons' Scottish stores, which will complement existing year-round listings in its England supermarkets. A Morrisons spokeswoman said: "We think this is a fantastic product which our customers really enjoy and is growing in popularity."
Richard Clarke