Asda has doubled the number of stores offering its 'virtual' estate agency - even though not one transaction has been completed through the service.

The retailer launched Homes@Supermarkets in ten of its stores in the north east of England in July, boasting it would slash the cost of selling houses.

Touchscreens were placed near entrances in the pilot stores enabling customers to view houses for sale or leave their details for a rep to follow up.

Now, four months on, the supermarket has rolled the service out to a further 11 stores in the north east. It claims to have more than 1,000 properties listed on the site, with more than 350 waiting to go on.

"We currently have some houses with offers in the pipeline and accepted, but so far none of them have gone to contract exchange yet," an Asda spokeswoman said. "We have no date to roll it out nationally. It's a case of trial and error but we are very pleased with how it's working right now."

Stewart Lilly, president elect of the National Association of Estate Agents, said Asda's service should not concern its members. "Our view is that we don't mind the competition. The discerning public will decide how they want their properties sold and what service they require."?