They are the scourge of the summer holidays, but irritating mozzies could have finally met their match in the form of some new clothes on sale at Tesco.

The retailer is stocking what it claims is the world's first natural anti-mosquito t-shirts and socks that repel the little blighters as you wear them. The secret is lemon eucalyptus extract, a natural and pleasant smelling repellent, which has been woven into the fabric. It works because it neutralises the body's natural odour that mosquitoes and other biting insects home in on. A lavender scent has also been added so you don't smell like an outdoor candle. "No longer will holidaymakers have to fear being turned into a human dartboard by dreaded mozzies," said Tesco seasonal buying manager Sarah Maskell.

Designers say the material can't completely guarantee 100% protection but will see off more than 3,000 species.