Tesco.com drivers say they are often asked to deliver much more to customers than the week's groceries. It is a wonder they get through a day's work in between changing lightbulbs, unblocking sinks and choosing wallpaper for the home shoppers lying in wait for them. The vans are quite an attraction in themselves and drivers are routinely asked for lifts, or to lend them out to customers who are moving house. One family asked a passing Tesco van for a lift to a wedding when their hire car proved less than reliable. Drivers have also been asked to babysit, drop kids off at school, feed pets while the owners are on holiday, post letters, set videos, and witness a will. One lady who was let down by her beau on St Valentine's Day invited a Tesco driver to share the candlelit dinner she had prepared. Carolyn Bradley, Tesco.com COO, said: "At Tesco we pride ourselves on looking after customers, but there are limits." {{COUNTERPOINT }}