Sir; It is unfortunate accuracy was overtaken by hyperbole in last week's Nisa-Today's press release concerning United Wholesale in Scotland (The Grocer, January 12). We have no desire to stoop to trading superlatives about the various benefits of one group over another, but want to put the record straight. United Wholesale Grocers, who left Nisa-Today's two years ago to join Landmark, has not rejoined and remains very much a Landmark member. A new company has been formed, known as United Wholesale (Scotland), and based on the smaller Maxwell Road depot. Being a new company by definition they cannot rejoin' anyone. This new company simply felt it inappropriate to be in the same group as the larger company it was separating from, and with whom it must now compete in a very tough trading environment. In wishing United Wholesale (Scotland) every success, we suggest that their interests can be better served by their central office working on facts rather than propaganda. Ron Colley Marketing and development director Landmark Cash & Carry {{LETTERS }}