Managing Sainsbury's 77,000 sq ft Washington town centre store is a big job - but manager Chris Rowsby has it sorted. That means the outlet was a clear winner of this week's Top Store award.

Located in the heart of Tyne and Wear, the 27-year-old store, which has recently been refitted, is Sainsbury's biggest site in the north east.

"One of the best things about managing such a large store is the range you can offer," says Rowsby. "We sell absolutely everything including a vast non food offer and clothing range, which is also the largest in the north east."

However, Rowsby says running such a large store has many challenges, the biggest of which is keeping the fresh display as full as possible. "It's a balancing act, but one we are good at," he adds.

He's not kidding. This week's mystery shopper described the store's availability as flawless.

He was able to collect every single item on our shopping list and spotted a vast array of promotions.

Many friendly and polite staff on the shop floor and at the checkout combined to made his shopping experience exceptionally positive.

There were no packing trolleys to obstruct his journey, he did not have to queue at the checkout, and had his bags packed for him.

CACI data reveals the store is located in a much poorer socio-economic area than a typical Sainsbury's. A more typical fit would be with Asda.