A new concept in free range eggs has been launched by Sainsbury and Deans Foods.
Woodland eggs are produced by hens with access to a more natural, shaded habitat, created by wooded areas.
The concept is the idea of John Widdowson, a free range producer from Devon, who noticed his hens spent more time in the shade of trees than in an open field.
He adapted his farm and claims his hens now spend more time outside and appear healthier, happier and more productive in their new surroundings.
Peter Challands, marketing director at Deans said: "Woodland eggs have added a new dimension to the term free range by tailoring the environment to the hens' behavioural needs.
"We hope they will appeal to existing free range buyers who want to know they are buying eggs from hens who enjoy a more natural habitat."
Sainsbury egg buyer, Aarti Puri, said: "We want to give our customers new and exciting eggs and this will be a perfect addition to our range."