Somerfield has opened two new concept stores, which may provide a blueprint for the next generation of refitted stores, executive chairman John von Spreckelsen has revealed.

Somerfield Market Fresh, which has opened in Carshalton, Surrey, targets a more upmarket demographic and stocks a product range to suit young professionals. The 5,000 sq ft store stocks 50% fresh food and also includes a deli counter.

Somerfield Essentials, which opened in Belvedere in south east London, is a smaller store at 3,400 sq ft, and is a “real convenience store” with a modern store environment.

Somerfield and Kwik Save scored contrasting first quarter results. Like-for-like sales at Somerfield were up 2% for the quarter and 3.2% for the second seven weeks. The improvement, said von Spreckelsen, was driven by the increase in the number of refitted stores - to date, 120 out of 591 stores had been refitted and had achieved an average sales uplift of 20%. But Kwik Save’s like-for-like sales were down 1.5% for the quarter and down 4.7% for the second seven weeks. Sales for the period last year had been boosted by a major promotional programme, however.