Like most convenience operators Warrington-based Spar chain Alfred Jones is all too often subjected to the attentions of violent criminals.
With about 20 armed robberies a year, a ram raid would seem an unlikely cause for hilarity among members of the board of the 57-store chain.
But they are still laughing over the recent exploits of a lone raider, who broke into the Stockport shop at 3am one weekend. MD Tom Calderbank says that after using a Landcruiser to break into the rear of the store, the robber went through an inner door to the shop floor. That door automatically sprang shut behind him.
With alarms ringing, the thief couldn't make a getaway as he didn't know the door's security code. He wreaked havoc instore trying to get out until police arrived, with reinforcement in the shape of an Alsatian dog. They found him in the toilet.