and preserves buyer The total market is in slight decline but jams in the premium sector and marmalades in the value sector are driving what growth there is. The category is doing well at Budgens, showing 15% year-on-year rise in value and 7% rise in volume. Broadly, our strategy is to offer standard size products suitable for our convenience, top-up shoppers and to run promotional phasing. Our best performance is from premium products in jams and, in the spreads sector, from honey. To benefit from this trend, we've addressed the fixture accordingly, supporting the strongest products with promotional activity and highlighting them with strong on-shelf PoS. We've tried various promotional routes. Multibuy activity gives an incredible uplift ­ customers seem not to be brand-loyal ­ whereas link-saves with bread and morning goods have been nowhere near as successful. Sales of Budgens own label jams and conserves have also bucked the market trend, showing 3.9% value and 2.1% volume rise year-on-year. Our own label conserves have had major surgery and are our star performer. We've introduced new recipes with extra fruit content and new labelling. Even without promotional activity they've performed brilliantly. Strawberry shows a 48% rise in volume and blackcurrant, 52%. Marmalade and peanut butter sales have been pretty static for us, but we are outperforming the market in honey ­ at 16% value and volume. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}