Green could become the predominant colour of glass packaging in the UK if the findings of a study by Wrap and Sainsbury's are adopted by retailers and manufacturers.

The study found consumers weren't put off by mixed-colour recycled glass food packaging, which manufacturers have traditionally shunned due to its green tint. Recycled glass is significantly cheaper than that made from virgin materials, but its green colour is regarded as making products such as mayonnaise appear unappetising.

The news could pave the way for manufacturers to use mixed-colour recycled glass jars and bottles for a wide range of products, a Wrap spokesman claimed.

"Contrary to established thinking, the study found consumers react positively to the idea of buying a wide range of products in glass jars and bottles made from mixed-colour recycled glass," he said.

Consumers were asked if they preferred clear or tinted glass on a wide range of products. Some products, such as jam, scored better with tinted glass, while most products did equally well with either type.

Wrap said the report, to be published in full on 10 September, could benefit the whole industry.

"Retailers could use more mixed-colour recycled glass safe in the knowledge it will not affect sales. This will encourage business growth and allow businesses to save money by using less costly virgin raw materials."