Waitrose is exclusively stocking a new range of ready-to-eat organic potted herbs retailing at £1.39 a pot.
Essex-based Premier Herbs is putting the finishing touches to a 1.1 acre glasshouse that will grow the herbs year-round on a special substrate based on coir.
The facility was accredited by the Soil Association in June.
Grower David Ryther set up the £750,000 nursery with the help of a grant from the Defra Rural Enterprise Scheme.
He estimates that, when completed, the site will grow over two million pots a year.
At present Ryther is concentrating on parsley, basil, chives, mint and opal basil.
With the help of Suncrop Produce, one of Premier Herbs’ suppliers, he intends to introduce seasonal specialities such as sage.
Adam Woodcock, Suncrop’s marketing manager, said: “The results have already surpassed expectations.”