Asda in Falmouth checked out the cheapest of four full baskets at £37.21 on The Grocer 33 shop this week, while Tesco Metro in Pontypool provided the best customer care.
All our mystery shoppers commented on how crowded the stores were as they battled their way to the checkouts on Good Friday.
Asda’s cashier made no fuss when our shopper dropped a tub of cream on the floor and made sure it was replaced quickly. Tesco Metro, where all 33 items were checked out for £38.35, had exceptionally helpful staff, one even making sure our shopper got the best deal by fetching a pack of Tetley 80 tea bags because they were on special offer.
Shoppers passed quickly through the tills and the overall service earned the store this week’s Storewatch title.
In Craigavon, Sainsbury’s full basket cost £37.86, although a refund of 29p was due because the purchase of white onions at 55p/kg had been rung through as red onions at £1.19/kg A full basket cost £41.05 at Safeway in Perth, where aisles were cluttered with stacking crates and the cashier failed to greet our shopper. Asda’s staff in Chatham appeared “unflappable” as they replenished Easter eggs at breakneck speed. Morrisons was out of stock of loose tomatoes but staff pointed out that they would be available later while Tesco in Thirsk did not stock 2-litre bottles of Evian.