Asda is revamping its sampling activity with a new look and new features for manufacturers.
After nearly a year of work with its field marketing agency the results are being rolled out across the estate, under a new logo Try this, we think it's great'.
CPM UK md Mike Hughes said there would be a lot more flexibility about the ways in which sampling could be carried out. "We're going to deregulate' hours, so, for example, whisky could be trialled in the evening."
The main sampling programme, which ran from Wednesday, has also been changed and now runs from Thursday and covers the full opening hours on Sunday, providing access to a new group of customers.
CPM has also developed Brand Reflections, a larger, more expensive sampling initiative involving a stage set with big branded back drops which can be set up in Asda fouyers.
In a trial with Dove, trained hairstylists were on hand on the stage set to advise customers.
Hughes said five major manufacturers had signed up for brand reflections between now and Christmas. Two roadshow units have been developed for sampling in Asda car parks.
Asda has developed a system to allow manufacturers to book sampling initiatives on line.

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