Green van man is set to hit the road at the end of April, as becomes the first grocery retailer in the UK to run a fleet of battery-powered zero-emission home delivery vans. Based at a newly opened environmentally friendly store in Shrewsbury and various London locations, the 15 vans will each save an estimated 21 tonnes of CO2 a year, or the equivalent of driving 51,000 miles in a car.

The vans, which have the same carrying capacity as a standard van, have a top speed of 50mph and can travel over 100 miles before they need re-charging. Each vehicle is fitted with 'eutectic' refrigeration panels filled with a refrigerant gas and brine and recharged overnight.

"We're very proud to be the first company to invest in this new van technology, helping to create a low-carbon society," said chief executive officer Laura Wade-Gery.