Big Food Group boss Bill Grimsey has launched another stinging attack on Tesco - and the failure of the competition regulators to limit its moves into convenience retailing.
Speaking at the Booker Prize for Excellence awards night, Grimsey said that the power of the big supermarkets continued to grow and that the dominance of Tesco - “which was there for all to see” - was being fuelled in part by acquisitions of convenience stores.
He slammed the regulators’ insistence that grocery should be defined as two distinct markets: one stop and convenience.
Grimsey warned: “If that is not addressed then consumer choice will become one choice: Tesco, Tesco, Tesco.”
He pointed to comments from John Bridgeman, the former director general of the OFT, who admitted that there were problems with the way the Competition Commission defined the market in 2000 (The Grocer, June 12, p5), saying this was further proof that the regulators were making decisions that were based on flawed logic.