Asda has maintained its cheapest retailer position for a whopping five weeks, undercutting nearest rival Morrisons by more than £3.

The clear win was helped by the retailer’s eight promotions, 27 of the cheapest or joint-cheapest items, no price hikes and two price cuts. Cucumber was down 8p and a new promotion resulted in an 8p cut on dried spaghetti.

Morrisons crept up one place to second, despite two significant price hikes and no cuts. The retailer increased the price of carrots by 10p/kg and PG Tips by 11p.

Pricing activity was high at Tesco, which fell from second place to third. It put up the price of four items – carrots by 11p/kg, while the ending of promotions resulted in hikes on Fresh Penne Pasta by 10p, Mr Kipling’s Deep Filled Bramley Apple Pies by 33p and PG Tips by 95p. Dried spaghetti fell 8p, pears 10p/kg and salmon fillets £1.03/kg.

Sainsbury's remained in fourth place. Its Birds Eye peas were up by 26p, Peperami by 22p and cucumber by 14p/kg. There were four cuts – carrots by 10p/kg, fruit scones by 5p, E3 washing powder by 24p, while pears fell by 39p/kg.

Waitrose’s trolley cost £14.92 more than Asda’s. Bananas were down 6p/kg and as promotions ended Frozen Forest Fruits was up 69p and E3 powder was up by 60p.