With four round-pound deals to its nearest rival's two, Asda easily reclaimed the top spot from usurper Morrisons this week with a basket £2.19 cheaper.

Asda was cheaper than Morrisons on 17 of the 33 items and its round-pound deals, particularly the £1 Green & Black's bar and £4 price promotion on the Hardys wine, helped secure an easy win.

But despite being cheaper than Asda on only three of the 33 items, Morrisons was comfortable in second place, coming in £1.66 cheaper than Sainsbury's. Morrisons made price hikes on 14 items, though many of these were the result of promotional offers ending.

Sainsbury's relegated Tesco to fourth place this week with a 44p lead. The retailer had brie to thank for its third-place slot, being a full £1.97/kg cheaper than Tesco's. Fifteen of the 33 items cost more this week than last. Most dramatic of these was celery, which came off its 50p promotional price to £1.03, a hefty 129% increase.

By comparison, fourth-place Tesco's prices changed less: 11 increased, but eight dropped, with bagged potatoes down 28% in its only £1 deal. However, it did bring Tesco in at a round £66 total.

The Waitrose basket cost £13.93 more than Asda's, a 23% price premium versus the cheapest retailer.