For the fourth week in a row, Asda has provided the cheapest basket, undercutting Tesco by £1.86.

The retailer reduced seven items, knocking 20p off the chicken, 10p off PG Tips, 2p off oranges, 5p off croissants, 2p/kg off carrots and a penny off both Quorn mince and McVitie's Digestives. However, a promotion ended on the white loaf, which went up 12p, and it added 2p to the Hellman's Mayonnaise and a penny to the Brussels paté.

Tesco reduced 11 items, slicing 3p off garlic, 2p off oranges and Haribo and a penny off McVitie's Digestives, Quorn mince and Hellmann's mayonnaise. Promotions began on PG Tips, down 12p, whole chicken, down 90p, and tomatoes, down 12p/kg.

Sainsbury's slid to third, missing second place by just 4p. It upped the carrots 9p/kg, Hellmann's mayonnaise 19p and both Nutella and the white loaf 12p. It made five reductions: croissants were down 5p, garlic 3p, fresh pasta 10p, oranges 2p, and Quorn mince 1p.

Morrisons remained fourth, upping its honey 20p and Gillette Series Shaving Gel 10p. It knocked 4p off Wall's Magnum Classic and began a promotion on the whole chicken, which was down 80p.

Fifth-placed Waitrose made no hikes and reduced McVitie's Digestives by 8p.