Asda reclaimed pole position this week with six of the cheapest, and 11 of the joint cheapest, items in its £51.20 basket.

The retailer also offered an impressive seven products on promotion, including HP Sauce (£1.65), wholemeal pitta bread (43p), and honeydew melon (£1.76), which were also the cheapest.

In an unusual turn of events, Sainsbury's took second place by offering seven of the joint cheapest items and three reductions, including a 50% price cut on the cauliflower, making it 59p.

Tesco was third, despite making six reductions and selling the cheapest battered cod fillets (£2), high juice (£1), and Kellogg's Nutrigrain (£2.11). Its basket was £1.60 more expensive than Asda's.

Morrisons missed third by only 2p. The retailer offered four of the cheapest items, including the Dolmio bolognese sauce (£1.37) and self-raising flour (68p), but it wasn't enough to see off the competition.

Waitrose remained in fifth place this week. Its bargain Jacob's Creek Shiraz Rosé, on promotion at £5.24, was the cheapest in the survey, but its battered cod fillets (£5.99) and quiche lorraine (£2.19) were the most expensive. Overall, the retailer's basket cost £9.46 more than Asda's.