Asda scored a sixth successive Grocer 33 victory this week with its £50.05 shopping basket.

But it was no comfortable triumph, as second-place Tesco lagged just 14p behind, in one of this year's closest contests. Tesco has now taken second place to Asda for five weeks in a row, testament to a renewed focus on price at Britain's biggest supermarket.

But Tesco's efforts were not quite enough to take it to the top, as Asda's round pounds once again boosted its performance. Four of the 33 items this week were priced at £1 in Asda, with the most impressive deal on the honeydew melon, which was 99p cheaper in Asda than Tesco.

Tesco's low wine price was its strongest hand this week, with its £4.78 price point a full £2 cheaper than Asda's and Sainsbury's. This, coupled with a discount on Cathedral City Cheddar, helped Tesco stay 71p ahead of Morrisons.

The third placed retailer changed very few prices week-on-week. With no new promotional deals, and an 11% price hike on Birds Eye peas, Morrisons lacked the oomph to push for first or second place.

Sainsbury's and Waitrose lagged behind the pack. Sainsbury's basket was £4.49 more than the cheapest, while Waitrose was a full £6.75, or 13.5%, more expensive.