Asda has taken the cheapest retailer title yet again, undercutting its nearest rival Tesco by 84p.

The retailer, which revives its pocket-tap ads next month, slashed the price of its smoothies by 43p and introduced new promotions on pork chops, down 25p per kg, and lemons, down 20p. However, two promotions ended, which resulted in an 83p hike on Birds Eye Omega-3 fish fingers and 21p on its own-label chicken tikka/korma with rice.

Tesco, which maintained second place, made no hikes and started promotions on Aunt Bessie's Baked Yorkshire Puddings, down 36p, Kellogg's Nutri-Grain, down 79p, and pineapple, down £1.10.

Third-placed Morrisons made just one increase, putting whole chicken back up by 59p after a promotion ended. Broccoli was down 9p per kg, courgettes by 21p per kg and Flora Light was slashed by 42p due to a new promotion.

There wasn't much price activity at fourth-placed Sainsbury's, although it upped both chicken tikka/korma with rice and Birds Eye Omega-3 fish fingers by 10p.

Making no significant reductions and two large hikes, Waitrose maintained its most expensive retailer status. The price of Bulmers Original Cider was up 19p and HP sauce was up 53p.