Asda provided the cheapest basket this week – and the only one below £60 – after making four price cuts.

A promotion knocked £1.51 off Kleenex for Men, Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Rosé was down 5p and Heinz Ketchup and Quorn chicken-style pieces were both down 1p. But promotions ending sent cauliflower up 20p, fresh pasta sauce up 38p and Young’s Premium Scampi up 95p. Asda also upped sweet potatoes 20p/kg and oranges 3p each.

Sainsbury's secured second spot, largely thanks to its Young’s Premium Scampi, which cost nearly £2 less than its rivals’. It also knocked 22p off the cauliflower, but upped oranges by 3p.

Morrisons was third, offering the cheapest Shiraz Rosé, at £6.47, reducing the iceberg lettuce 9p and Quorn Chicken Style Pieces 1p. There were no price hikes.

Tesco, in fourth, upped Heinz Tomato Ketchup 69p, Marmite 10p and organic onions 28p/kg after promotions ended and it added 20p to cauliflower. New promotions knocked £1 off Kleenex for Men, 10p off fresh pasta sauce and 30p off the iceberg lettuce.

Waitrose’s basket cost almost £10 more than Asda’s. There were no hikes and stuffed green olives were down 30p due to a promotion. It also reduced beef mince by 7p/kg.