Tesco proved itself the destination of choice for eec0-shoppers this week by providing a basket of ethical products for £5.96 less than at Asda which crashed to fourth place in our list of cheapest retailers.

Tesco provided 18 of the cheapest or joint-cheapest items. Its most competitive promotions included organic beef mince at £4/kg and organic leeks at £2.50/kg.

Second-placed Sainsbury's £63.53 basket undercut nearest rival Morrisons by £2.78. It provided eight promotions and was the only retailer to offer whole free-range chicken for less than £3 and the Cauldron organic tofu for less than £1.

Morrisons undercut Asda on ten items, offering organic extra virgin olive oil for £1.24 less, organic cucumber for 68p less and free-range whole chicken for 49p less. However, at £1.39 it had the priciest recycled kitchen towel of all the retailers.

Asda plummeted down the rankings after providing the second most expensive basket. It offered just two promotions: the organic mushrooms at 83p and the organic fresh milk at 95p.

Waitrose's basket cost £15 more than Tesco's and contained the priciest free-range whole chicken and beef mince of all the retailers.