Tesco has emerged the cheapest retailer this week, booting Asda from the top spot to second in a week when the big four all upped their cucumber prices by 18p.

Round pound deals on the Mr Kipling Deep Filled Bramley Apple Pies, Doritos, frozen lasagne and pain au chocolat helped the retailer undercut Asda's £46.49 basket by a 25p margin.

Asda narrowly missed the top spot this week, despite its bargain milk at £1.41, avocado at 64p, eggs at £1.98 and beef cannelloni at £1.70. It made three reductions, the largest being a 27p cut on the Flash spray thanks to a new promotion.

Sainsbury's remained in third place with a basket that cost 70p more than Asda's. It undercut its rivals on the Flash spray, at 73p, and whole chicken, at £2.79/kg, thanks to new promotions.

Morrisons nose-dived two places to fourth. It offered the priciest Hardys Stamp at £6.49 and Radox bath foam at £1.65, but its mango and white roll were the cheapest at 88p and 47p respectively.

It was business as usual for Waitrose, which emerged the priciest retailer with a basket that cost almost £7 more than Tesco's. It did offer the cheapest wine and cucumber, but its chicken was the most expensive at £4.99/kg.