Asda once again found itself in first with a basket totalling £44.23, the only basket this week to come in under £45.

Asda's bargain avocado (74p), Robertson's Golden Shred marmalade (98p), Wall's Magnum (£1), and Scotch egg (38p) are just some of the 11 cheapest items the retailer offered overall. Asda also made the most reductions and had the most items on promotion.

Tesco closed in this week but still lost out to Asda by £1.24. Tesco was cheapest on only one item, Kleenex balsam tissues (on promotion at £1.61) but offered a massive 16 of the joint-cheapest items to come second.

Despite being the only retailer to offer no promotions on this week's basket, Morrisons remained third. Its dried spaghetti was the cheapest of the bunch at 54p.

Only 48p stood between Sainsbury's and Morrisons this week but that was enough for Sainsbury's to remain fourth. Like some of its rivals it, too, only provided one of the cheapest items, own-label tea bags (£1.34).

Waitrose's pricey Brussels pâté, costing twice as much as any of its rivals at £1.35, and frozen lasagne at £2.29, kept the retailer in its usual fifth place. It offered none of the cheapest items and overall cost nearly £8 more than Asda.