Another visit to Mace took our shoppers to a variety of store formats. The Mace Express at Caldicot provided more of a good forecourt shop than a c-store offering. Some groceries were stocked, but the main focus was on car essentials and impulse buys, such as magazines and sweets, while bread and Stella Artois were not stocked at all. The Mace Express at Tynemouth also had a small selection of groceries but it was well merchandised. However, there were no baskets so our shopper assumed that big shops were not the order of the day. Stella Artois was limited to sixes, 12s and 24s. Mace at Goring had no bread in the Cuisine de France baskets at 8am. The store is situated in a quiet area and reflected this in the small offering of goods. There was no food to go and no obvious promotions. Both Morning Noon & Night in Milngavie and Mace in Worcester Park got the thumbs up from our shoppers. These corner shops on a busy road were small but well stocked. Staff were helpful, offering to pack bags, and presenting a till receipt without being asked. Stella was the star buy with 13.5% extra free and the Worcester Park store had the best buy for a four-pack at £4.20. It also had the cheapest full basket at £11.40. {{GROCER 33 }}