Charity fundraising has evolved way past the point where all we could do to heal the world was sit balefully in a bath of beans until somebody agreed to sponsor us.

Sainsbury's cooked up a monster scheme to help Comic Relief this year, commissioning "renowned food artist" Prudence Stait, who sounds more like a Dickens character than a cutting-edge sculptor, to craft the UK's largest gingerbread man.

"I have been asked to recreate a variety of edible constructions, from chocolate celebrities to a cathedral made of cheese," said Prudence. "But I've never made anything as big as this structure before.

"The sheer scale of the creation was in itself a challenge, but we worked hard to ensure that it matched the original Mr Red Nose [that's not a reference to Justin King Ed.] on sale in Sainsbury's."

The giant biscuit took more than a month to make and has, like Oddbins, been broken up into chunks to be sold off.

Presumably now charity efforts will turn to Japan. Press reports say Tokyo restaurants are issuing Geiger counters to their customers to prove the fish isn't radioactive. At least Godzilla sushi should be in plentiful supply.