Haldanes opens its second Ugo discount supermarket next week.

The Haldanes store in Broxburn, Edinburgh, will reopen as Ugo on Monday after an appearance from 80s strongman Geoff Capes, the fascia's face.

Chief operating officer Richard Collins said the lessons learned from the first Ugo, which opened near Stoke-on-Trent last month, were "only positive".

"It's clear that in the right location our Ugo format is very well liked by customers," he said. "The key is that we maintain the value proposition and communicate it extensively."

The converted 8,000 sq ft store will offer a wide range of discounted branded groceries and non-food lines. Staff in Broxburn said they were reducing fridge and freezer space to make way for ambient and non-food lines from supplier OTL.

Haldanes bought 20 Netto stores from Asda after the Office of Fair Trading ordered Asda to dispose of 47 sites formerly held by the Danish discounter as a condition for clearing the deal. Collins said all 20 would be converted to Ugo's fascia by the second week of May.

The core grocery range will double to about 3,000 lines to allow customers to do a full shop.