Harrods is expanding the range of foodie accessories stocked in its food hall.

In recent weeks, the Knightsbridge department store has started selling recipe books alongside its groceries. The range is focused on the works of leading chefs and includes The Modern Pantry by Anna Hansen and The Family Meal by Ferran Adrià.

Harrods is also growing the number of cooking and dining products sold in its food hall.

It has avoided stocking everyday cookware in the food hall and focused instead on specialist products that match the foods on sale. New additions include a make your own cheese set, a Parmesan grater and bone spoons for caviar.

Harrods said the accessories already on sale in the hall had proved “massive sellers”. Olive wood boards, slate boards and tea pots had been especially popular, it said.

“As evidenced by the number of food-related programmes on the TV, people are becoming more interested in food and how to prepare it. As a result, they are looking for the right accessories to match the food they buy,” said Bruce Langlands, director of Harrods Food Halls.