At £40.38, Morrisons checked in the cheapest of our three full baskets for The Grocer 33 this week and was best for customer care.
The Jarrow store was spotless and staff impressed our shopper with their willingness to deal with enquiries - factors that helped the store earn this week’s Storewatch title.
Sainsbury in Plymouth charged £41.13 and was well-merchandised. But a broken-down freezer meant some ice cream products were lumped in with the frozen fish. Our 33 items cost £43.36 at Safeway in Eastwood, but there was no offer to pack and Fairy liquid was charged for twice. However, the chain has a full basket strike rate of 60% so far in the third quarter, compared with 24% in the first half.
Sainsbury in Cardiff sported a fleet of new trolleys, which had customers talking.
Aisles at Morrisons in Blackburn were clogged with shelf-stackers and trolleys, but our shopper was pleased when the checkout operator called over a colleague to pack the shopping. Tesco’s store in Ballymoney was clean and tidy, but had no small packs of mature cheddar. Few staff were on the shop floor to help with queries from shoppers.
Asda in Reading was busy, made worse by the number of shelf-stackers and crates in the aisles. Country of origin information for fruit and veg was poor.
Due to illness, our shop at Somerfield in Edinburgh took place on Saturday.