Tesco has appointed the former head of its Turkish operations, Tony Hoggett, to run its newly merged UK superstore division, which has seen the firm do away with its previous separate north and south management set up.

Hoggett was chief operating officer in Turkey where he oversaw Tesco's Kipa chain. He has managed a string of Tesco stores since 1999 and previouly served in senior executive roles in China.

He will take charge of the strategy for Tesco's network of nearly 500 UK superstores, taking over the lead role from David Woodfield, operations director of Tesco's superstores in the south, who has announced his retirement. "I'm delighted to be appointed," said Hoggett.

The move comes as chief executive Philip Clarke continues a recent trend of recalling top managers from overseas.

A series of leading Tesco executives have been brought back to spearhead the UK core business and drive Tesco's strategy since Clarke took over the top role in March. Last month former chief executive of Tesco Japan, Michael Fleming, was given the UK-based role of group strategy director.

The management reshuffle comes as Tesco also announced plans this week for a shake-up of its executive pay structure.

Under the new system, which includes an end to share options, Tesco said it was moving to a simpler and "more collegiate" system which would slash the number of performance measures used to reward its executives from 20 to seven.