Tesco has signalled that its Home Plus format is ripe for roll out after it said the venture had gone beyond a trial, with the planned opening of its biggest non-food store yet in time for the Christmas period.

The 50,000 sq ft format in Chelmsford will stock Tesco's entire non-food range, unlike the other Home Plus sites in Denton, Telford and Southampton.

A Tesco spokesman said it was continuing the roll out due to customer demand. "The other stores don't sell all our non-food. Although this one has the entire range it doesn't have all 8,000 Tesco Direct lines because some are phone-order only." He said that Tesco did not have any immediate plans to open another Home Plus store, but that it was no longer being seen as a trial, rather as a successful format.

Alastair Lockhart, senior retail analyst at Verdict Research, said that Tesco was using Home Plus as

an in-fill store where it couldn't get permission for Extra stores.